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7 (and more) Ways To Automate Your Business and Get Massive Traffic with Minimal Effort


So what automation systems do I use? Here is a short list. When you join with me, I will teach you how to use each one, so you can automate your business with me too!

1.  build a "Who Is Page" like this one and tell your story, show your pictures and tell your passions

2. post it in the search engines so people find you with your special unique keywords

3. use pay per click search engines like Google and Yahoo

4. use voice broadcasting telephone systems which present, qualify and sell for you  

5. use autoresponders which are VALUE based and not just opportunity offers or ads, help people for free with your knowledge and resources  

6. use direct mail postcards to a good targeted list  

7. use lead capture pages on all your websites to build your own list and market back to them with good recommendations and offers.  

8. buy warm leads who have indicated a need for making money from home from my lead company  

9. Conduct your own tele-seminars and cross sell different packages to people there, interview experts  

10. create new products with your information embedded in them and make them viral  

11. write articles and submit them to article distribution sites  

12. send out one press release a month about you and your business to the media  

13. produce online movies showing people how to run their businesses online with Camtasia  

14. use audio products which make you more human and allow your words to tell people what to do  

15. use video products which make you more human and allow you to show people what to do  

16. hire a good web design SEO company who knows how to optimize your pages for search engine optimization, based on keywords.

17. Use a blog for everything. Since 2009, all my websites are being built into blogs, as they are much more search engine friendly.

Now, here is the good news, I will teach you every single one of these methods, once you stick with me and decide to do business with me. I can show you how to make over $10,000 a month!


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