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Who is Jeff Mills?  

Hi my name is Jeff Mills - Before you read my biography, I want to take a few lines just to brag a little bit. Please forgive me, but I think it is important that you realize you are looking at someone who is successful with marketing products on and off the internet. If you need a mentor, or coach, I am that person. I have learned the secrets of personal branding and also marketing, and I reveal many of them to you below. But more importantly, when you join me in one of my  businesses, you get complete access to me, and information, which I don't share with others for free.
Real quick, let me tell you this.  I am one of a few very specialized Resorts 360 Affiliates, and my best customers that love to work with me are Christians. Why?  Because I was a Youth Pastor for 9 years, and so I connect well with others like me.  If you are a Christian, or in ministry, let's work together! 
But if you come from a different faith background, I will enjoy working with you too, no matter what your belief system or business experience is.

I have taken people with NO sales experience and also those with sales experience and helped them make $1000's.

Remember, I am a specialist with Resorts 360 not a generalist, as I can show and teach you things, NO ONE ELSE CAN.
I have generated over 1.3 Million dollars in commissions with travel and vacation clubs in the last several years. I will help you make money with Resorts 360. Don't make the mistake many others have made, and then regret it.... they chose to work with someone else. And now they wish they spent money with me.
Call me if you have any questions about my offers. 1-651-769-2189 (home office)

You are viewing this page because you would probably like to know more about How I generated over $1,300,000 in the last 4 years alone with my travel club. I am now building a million dollar organizations with multiple opportunities:

Resorts 360 home based travel business

Also you are here to hopefully learn from me or about me! That is cool because, I have found that websites and emails really don't validate trust or relationship building when it comes to getting involved in business opportunities. There are so many scams and sites which take your money and then never give it back when the deal goes sour. I know the the secret to working in partnerships is to create relationships with people who Know, Like and Trust you. Hopefully I can prove all three options and become a partner with you.
Mentors in Motion
One thing you'll notice here too, is this is not some cookie cutter website, that looks like all the rest out there. It is unique, because it is about ME, and not about a boring Biz Op website. It is not cold and corporate.
So even though this is still a WEBSITE, I am going to try to tell you a lot about me. The reason I do this, is because I am a leader who wants to help people succeed on and off the internet with their home based business dreams. The more you know about me, the more you will understand that doing business with me will help you succeed in finding your income dreams by working from home. I would like to work with you personally, and help you develop a success and prosperity system that works with you and your unique personality. Just read my bio, and please call me, as you will see some things about me, that might create an affinity to work together. I want to work with people who are like me, and people who also like me.
Business Coaching Mentoring
I am originally from Surf City, USA, otherwise known as Huntington Beach, California. I grew up there surfing the beaches on Newport, Huntington and even doing some "down south" surfari's into San Diego County and even Northern Baja. I love surfing and eventually had to give it up because I had a specific purpose in my life which I needed to fulfill. I still surf when I get a chance. But I don't "have it" like I used to when I was a teenager! My last surf trip was to California in February 2007, and I got to do some surfing with my high school friends and it was awesome. You'll find me to be a pretty laid back surfer dude, who is easy going, non-threatening and easy to work with. I work full time from home and devote my time to helping my new students get started making money from home. Working with me, you'll have unlimited access to internet marketing training and offline marketing training with me.
When I was 21 years old, I left my beach bum life to go to Canada and attend North American Baptist College (now called Taylor University College and Seminary) in Edmonton, Alberta. It was quite a shock going from 70 degrees to -70 degrees in the winter, but I actually needed the change of scenery to get into a new mind set. My mind set was to prepare myself for theological education, with the hopes of being a Youth Pastor and teaching kids to know God.
Business Coaching Mentoring
After I graduated from Bible College, I spent a summer in France, as a missionary, and then the following fall, I moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I went to the North American Baptist Seminary there and met my beautiful wife, La Rae who was studying in the same program as me. In our last year of school, we got married and accepted positions at Faith Baptist Church in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area with our Masters of Divinity degrees in hand.
We moved up to the Twin Cities in 1997 and have been there ever since. Right now, I have recently stepped out of ministry, after serving as a youth Pastor for about 9 years, to work fulltime out of the home and also spend more time with my daughter and beautiful wife. Since stepping out of paid ministry (we are all ministers, whether we are paid or not, right?!) I have become a successful entrepreneur, author, seminar promoter and online marketer.  Our beautiful daughter, Izabella, was born April 22, 2002. What a joy she is to us. We are really blessed. I mean come on! Look at that picture! What a cutie! She is our little Shirley Temple. Her favorite song is "The Scooby Doo Theme Song" and her favorite shows are Disney Movies that have the Princesses in them like Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, etc...we just redid her room now, with all her favorite princesses on the walls, and her new bed.  She loves being treated like a princess and I love spoiling her too.
Mentors in Motion
In 1999, I began looking for ways to supplement my income, because as you may know, Pastors don't get paid what they should anymore. We are below the pay scale of many teachers. Plus we had a lot of debt coming out of seminary too. So I needed to look elsewhere to see what I could find in my spare free time. The internet was my answer.
I got hooked up doing a business called "All Advantage" and was hyped up in the craze of that year and all the click through to get paid companies. Maybe you remember those days? I did not want to sit in front of my PC watching ads and making $5 a day so I stopped doing that and then the industry went downhill anyways, so I was glad I got out of that. I joined many affiliate programs, but I did not know how to market them to people, had no list, and no idea how to make money. Some of you think that you can make a lot of money in the small stuff, and you might be able to do it, if you are part of the 2% elite who are connected to people at the top, or have big personal emailing lists. I had no idea the secret to making money was building a list and so I took the time to learn how to do it.
Then I was off to explore MLM.
Don't let that word, "MLM" scare you, it stands for Multi-Level or Network Marketing. Network Marketing companies are direct sales companies which pay out a portion of their commissions for a product sold, to a distributor. Did you you know who Michael Dell is? He owns Dell Computers. He has a direct selling company which is the #1 seller of Computers. Do you know how he did it? He has delegated a task to people to call others on the phone and sell them computers. Those people who sold computers for him, made a commission off that sale. That is what people in MLM are doing today, making commissions for the retail purchase of products from people who are in a group or downline below them. With a multi level business, that means you get paid on multiple levels of people below you.  I don't do multi-level anymore, as I like to stick to the high-ticket, one time sales - direct sales models. It is legal and it is one of the greatest industries in the world, when run correctly.
Mentors in Motion
You probably have visions of Amway friends converting you to their way of life by buying their lotions, potions, soaps and vitamins, etc, or maybe you got duped to going to a house meeting and all the sudden, were ambushed with a slick sales pitch to buy some super high priced functional juice/vitamin drink?
Or maybe you have been burned by some MLM companies because you paid them your money, but your downline never grew or they went out of business.  It is pretty common, as 88% of all start ups go under in less than one year. Many people I talk to, never made any money off the internet or in their home based business. I wonder why? There are a lot of reason why people never make money actually, and it is quite complicated, but I do believe if you have never made a dime online, that I can really help you. Did you ever pick up the phone and invite someone into your company conference call? Or maybe the MLM company you joined took your money and never sent you a their product. MLM only works when you work it the right way, and if you expect someone else to do the work for you, you will never be successful. You need systems, and you need relationships, and that is what I am good at teaching and providing to people. This page, for example is a system. It is part of my WHO IS PAGE system, which I'll tell you all about in a second.
If you have been burned by MLM, join the club, so have I. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with MLM, it is just that so many people have also been burned because of all the hype, smoke and mirror jobs put over on us by con artists. I personally think Network Marketing is a fantastic and great industry, but I also know that in order to succeed, one must not try to duplicate a PERSON, but DELEGATE to a SYSTEM...more about that as you read on....
New Homebusiness
So I digress, I got involved in a downline building club on the net, called the Gold Club. The Gold Club helped build downlines for free in about 4 small MLM companies and tried to help newbies like me understand how MLM's worked and now to make money from them. Well I did pretty good, and when I say pretty good, I mean, I made some money, but the problem was, Gold Club promised a lot and did not help a lot, so I got involved on their volunteer staff and for one year, tried to learn as much as I could about the club and also change the image of the club. I got an education in customer service, and in how hard it is to make things work. But sadly, there was too much to do and not enough time, and the company had no strong direction, so I stepped out and ventured into something on my own.
About this time, SPAM was a big issue, like it still is today. How can serious professionals like me get the word out about their favorite business to interested people, with out getting their sites shut down for sending SPAM?

Everyone wants to know... HOW CAN I GET MORE TRAFFIC?

Safelists cropped up as a solution to that problem, so I got involved and started my own, in June 2002. I grew my list to 1580 members with the Goldmills Marketing Safelist but have since decided to get out of the safelist arena. The safelist was a real enjoyable enterprise. It was not a big money maker, like I hoped it would be, because many other people got smart like me and created their own safelists too and now they are not so popular because the internet is saturated with them.

New Homebusiness
But what this did for me, was create a way for me to build personal relationships with people online, as a business owner and people looked at me as an expert, since I owned my own "safelist business". I found that people actually trusted me and would take my advice on programs and tools I would tell them about to use to grow their business. I have become a good networker and seen many good programs come my way, which I am happy to pass along to my list family. But there is more, so read on and learn what I am doing now. It might surprise you! It sure surprises my mom and dad every time I tell them how much money I made last week!
After you have been online and looking for a new business over and over and after failing and failing, something needs to change right? I heard stats that say there are 600 million people on the internet right now. 198 Million of them want to start a home based business because they are not making a living with a 9-5 job. They hate their boss, hate their commute, are deeply in debt, and want a way out of the rat race. Do you relate with that?

Problem is, those 198 Million opportunity seekers are all FAILING at making a real income from home. Actually, not all are failing, only 98% are.

I got tired throwing out, $5, $10, $20 and $50 to join programs which never really put much more BACK into my wallet, the reason I was not making any money, was because I did not understand marketing, like I do now. I broke even on most and even made a few hundred here and there but I was not in what I would call the BIG TIME. I was not able to support myself completely from the internet.

New Homebusiness
Then I met Val Smyth, the founder of Mentors In Motion and I immediately hooked up with him and took his mentoring program and began my internet career as a Mentor, Coach and Strategist, helping people HYPER-EXPLODE their home based businesses. Since February, 2003, it has been one of the many profitable and rewarding things I have done, next to share Christ with my Youth Ministry students. Mentors in Motion changed my paradigm for how to grow companies and build relationships with people based on what their needs are. It has given me a marketing FOUNDATION for which all the ventures I am currently with, stand on. I learned how to create leads from scratch, without having to buy them or call them. Leads are people who wanted to make money from home. I learned how to talk to them, prospect them, and CLOSE them into my businesses.  Then I started teaching my teams how to do the same thing, and my businesses were very successful.  At this point, I was able to leave my $36,000 a year Youth Pastor ministry and come home as a home based entrepreneur, and I was making more money in 3 months, than I was in 1 year in my ministry. One of the main reasons that was the case, is because I sold a "high ticket Product". I did not sell nickel and dime potions and lotions for $35 a bottle. I sold a $499 mentoring course, where I made a $400 commission on each membership. I sold hundreds of those over the years now. You'll have a much better chance in the 'high-ticket' biz opp market, because you'll  make more in commissions.
You see, I have been able to earn over 6 figures a year because of MIM, being a mentor and coach, plus I have applied the teachings to put more positive cash flow from new ventures that I never thought I would be doing now! I have made more money in 12 months than in the last 5 years combined doing internet marketing AND my Youth Ministry job. I have finally found my niche, and I look forward to you beginning a relationship with a leader like me who can help you grow your business too. How would you like to work with me, as your mentor and coach? How would you like to have someone who is successful and who has failed miserably again and again, but now knows how to use systems to generate wealth? I can honestly show you a few ways that will help you earn 5 figures in 30 days. Are you up for the challenge?
Most Successful Home Based Business
At this point in my marketing career, I have focused myself to doing MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME WELL. I must admit, I struggle trying to juggle many things. But, my sole ambition is to create prosperity for me, my family, and my marketing friends and partners. I know these multiple streams of wealth will get me there. I am presently mastering ways to automate my income streams so I can WORK LESS and MAKE MORE MONEY. I go to bed at night when I am tired and I get up in the morning when I am done sleeping. I don't use an alarm clock to wake up. Want to learn with me? Is this the lifestyle you want?

I recently put together a free CD, which explains my methods to getting things done with Outsourcing.  You can learn more about it by visiting: You will enjoy learning the secrets to my automated success, as I don't hold anything back!

Most Successful Home Based Business
I have learned the secret - Massive Action = Massive Results.

If you are remotely interested in working with a leader like me and being on a POWER TEAM of heavy hitters in Direct Sales, Training Programs or in Lead Generation Ideas, then you must work with me and the incredible team I have in place.

When the 49er's came to California in the 1800's to look for "Gold in dem der hills", it was not the gold miners who actually profited. It was the person who supplied all the equipment, picks, shovels and pans to all the miners who really took it to the bank. You know the guy who invented "Levi's" jeans thought he would strike it rich in the gold rush, but actually made a fortune selling pants! Only a few good and lucky ones actually struck it rich with Gold veins.

"When everyone is looking for gold, it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business."

 -  Mark Twain

I am in the "Picks and Shovels" field of Network Marketing.

Most Successful Home Based Business

Success breeds success. Are you hanging out with successful people or are you on your own? If you are alone, chances are that you will fail. I almost guarantee it. Chances of you succeeding working with me? Well, you must decide that one. Pick up your phone and talk to me. I will do my best to get with you as soon as possible, if you need to leave me a message, I will call you back. And I do personally answer my phone.

I put together unique systems and mastermind training sessions for everyone who joins me in my programs. I can show you how people are generating $10,000 in 30 days or less 3 different ways, I cannot guarantee your success, that is up to you. You can't get training from someone else, like what I can do for you, so why look for a mentor or success coach anywhere else?

Do yourself and me a favor.... Stop being taught by amateurs who were taught by amateurs, who were taught by amateurs to be amateurs. Dysfunction breeds dysfunction. Isn't it time you became a FUNCTIONAL marketer?
Many people want to know how I automate my businesses so I don't have to do any cold calling anymore. Well, it took some time but I finally did it with the help of all the mentors, going to seminars and learning by doing. I have spent over $50,000 on courses, seminars, and learned from the best of the best, and that knowledge I freely give to those who work with me.  You don't have to do it the way I did, when you can just learn it from me directly. These automation systems are not 100% automated, but they are automated to the point where it brings prospects to contact me via email or phone, and we talk, and see if there is a match to do business together. For most people there is a match, and the "x-Factor" is that people trust me since I used to be a Pastor and because I am not afraid to tell people I love God and am a Christian.  What is it that you do, that will bring trust and credibility with your clients, based on who you are?  That is a big secret that no one will tell you, but when people buy a product or service from you they are not just buying the service, they are buying you!
Read this page again. In it, ALL I AM 'SELLING' is you to work with me in a biz opp! I think the best way to present a business is to first learn to trust the mentor, and over time as we get to know one another, then you'll decide to join one of my programs.

So what automation systems do I use? Here is a short list. When you join with me, I will teach you how to use each one, so you can automate your business with me too!

  • build a "Who Is Page" like this one or a "branding "My Story" blog" and tell your story, show your pictures & videos and tell your passions
  • post it in the search engines so people find you with your keywords
  • post it to the social media websites like and, twitter, facebook etc
  • use You Tube and Google Video Platforms to create traffic and leads  by uploading to MANY video hosting websites for free
  • use social bookmarking and blogs
  • use pay per click search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN
  • use voice broadcasting telephone systems which present, qualify and sell for you
  • use autoresponders which are VALUE based and not just opportunity offers or ads
  • use direct mail postcards to a good targeted list
  • use lead capture page on all your websites to build your own list and market back to them
  • buy warm leads who have indicated a need for making money from home from my lead company
  • speak on tele-seminars/webinars & cross sell different packages to people there, interview experts
  • create new products with your information embedded in them and make them viral
  • write articles and submit them to article distribution sites
  • use outsourcing techniques for all your internet marketing efforts delegate to others for LESS!
  • send out one press release a month about you and your business to the media
  • produce online movies showing people how to run their businesses online with Camtasia
  • use audio products which make you more human and allow your words to tell people what to do
  • use video products which make you more human and allow you to show people what to do
  • hire a good web design SEO company who knows how to optimize your pages for search engine optimization, based on keywords.

That is pretty much what I do to make people come to me and I'll tell you what.... I get 5-20 responses a day! You can learn more about my outsourcing systems by visiting: I show and tell you everything in my free 70 minute audio where I answer 17 questions that people have about outsourcing plus so much more.

Thanks for learning more about me and I hope you can take an interest in some of the programs that I am personally passionate about. What I need to know next is really just one thing....

Click on the links to my favorite programs below to see if they will meet your needs. Oh, by the way. PLEASE READ THIS!
What I am looking for are good communicators, people who are coachable and trainable, and who can work about 8-15 hours per week, who want to use the internet marketing systems I use and created from scratch to contact people who have requested information about what we do. When you get a "yes" you make a commission.... BIG COMMISSIONS.

Most of the companies I work with are direct sales oriented.  Resorts 360 is my main program. I used to market programs for Coastal Vacations, Global Resorts Network and several others, but all my focus now is in ONE program, which allows me to give you plenty of support.
Please note, the ONLY way to work with me, and learn my systems and marketing is to JOIN one of my businesses. I don't do any outside or group consulting anymore, but if I did, I would be charging $250-$500 per hour.
By joining one of my programs, you get UNLIMITED, NON BILLABLE time with me, so it is to your advantage to come into these biz opps, just to learn my techniques and my elegant and automated marketing flow.
Call me to get started with your new home business.

Personal Success Coach

CEO & President
Goldmills Marketing LLC

Call me with your questions


Personal Success Coach
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